EAU d’E – Bogue Profumo (En.)

My encounter with Antonio Gardoni’s Bogue Profumo in Bologna this May was without a doubt the main event of the year to me. Antonio’s fragrances are outstanding – they are peculiarly and lovely different and authentic.

Bogue Profumo portfolio currently comprises of two fragrances, Eau d’E and Cologne Reloaded. Aside of that Antonio have conjured up nine scents, Le 9 Vie to help the process of creating a unique personal, tailored fragrance for his clients. Of course any of the 9 Vie can be used separately as well and I can tell you they’re damn worth it.

Eau d’E – starts with a burst of green and stony bitter tones and soon everything calms down with a gentle sweet spicy clove-y accord. Now the dry herbaceous tone (resembling of the fig leaf) seems to tune up with the spices, awakening a feeling of smoothness. Permeating all this beauty there’s a special and unique naturalness, characteristic to all Bogue fragrances. Antonio produces all his perfumes himself in small amounts using (I guess) mostly, if not entirely natural materials, and that must be where the amazing delightfully rugged genuineness of his potions roots. You may think you could find a similar trait with some green or bio frag brands, but the I have never witnessed anything close to it. Maybe with an exception for the two Aesop scents.

The settled Eau d’E feels calm, amiable and relaxed, like sitting on a boulder at the edge of the forest at the end of a beautiful summer day. I haven’t worn such a pleasant scent for a long time.

Nebuďte sprostí, lidi.

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