• NISHANE ISTANBUL: brand overview (eng)

It’s time to introduce the Nishane Istanbul brand to those who don’t speak Czech. Derad kindly translated the reviews and I added the contacts. The Nishane products (excluding stone shops) are now available in two Turkish e-shops.

Shop Lidyana currently distributes only in Turkey. Shop Alwaysfashion ships worldwide. Here is a summary of the order:

nishane_buyingThe prices of perfumes are neat. „KDV“ means VAT so you can request a refund. In the Czech Republic you pay VAT (DPH) 21% and customs duty of 4% (CZ). Turkish lira is about 10 crowns. Given that postage costs nearly a thousand crowns, it pays to buy larger quantities of fragrances in one order. (I guess it’s better to buy a low-cost airticket and fly for your Nishane bottle to Istanbul.




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACAP DE BONNE-ESPÉRANCE I consider this image of an abundant exotic feast to be the best of all Nishane fragrances. Imagine a plenty of exotic juicy fruits placed in golden bowls. There is a wild and untouched nature all around, so you can smell flowers and greenery too. After a while a warm ambergris and vanilla appear and put sweet desserts next to the fruits. A gentle and smooth woods are emphasizing the feel of luxury and comfort emanating from the perfume. I can’t believe it’s actually an Eau de Cologne as the longevity is quite long and pleasing.

CARAÏBES Must have been created by someone experienced in adding a refreshing effect to the scents, as it is perfectly cooling in the hot weather. The key ingredient here is a neatly bitter lemon surprisingly tailed by a grated coconut. It feels like a droplets of cool water on the skin while standing next to a waterfall. Fresh blossoms and delicate rose help surpress the heat and the discreet ambergris binds all ingredients together unobtrusively.


EAU CLASSIQUE Lime and mint gliding on the ice. Obviously the cooling effect is the master plan here. All the hesperidic assortment got its peel and sweet and sour pulp removed so only the green bitter layer remained. The mint helps to achieve even deeper reach. It feels like stepping barefoot into a freezing mountain stream. It might seem Eau Classique is a typical masculine, but it is a well balanced unisex scent. The sillage and longevity are weak – after all it’s an Eau de Cologne. You can enjoy a marvelous fifteen minutes together and then it recedes. This is regrettable as the scent tends to go on progressing: a refined soapsuds would appear on the skin, not as a lime soap – it’s lime and soap instead. And a tidy herbs. I would swear I smelled a very diluted oakmoss at one point, like a retro-billboard passing around and disappearing, which made the icy ride a tad noble. All in all, Eau Classique is a skillfully blended invigorating scent. If it had a little more volume and tenacity (a clean musk suggests itself), it would make a wonderful and original retro fresh scent.



EAU ISTANBUL Truly a highlight of the Nishane box, packed in an extra case. The name might suggest a spicy oriental, but Eau Istanbul is much more a tender floral with exotic traits. I find them exotic as the floral body of the fragrance seems to be rather undefined. There’s certainly the classical heart made of roses and white blossoms, yet it behaves a little differently than we are used to – Iet me explain that later. Subtle spicy tinge makes an appearance in the opening and almost instantly gets overwhelmed by a tidal wave of sweet flowers. They’re tinted by almost imperceptible fruity shade.

This is the moment when the perfume surprises – the flowers are so sweet they are supposed to be heavy and smothering and the sweetnes should be annoying, but quite the contrary – opposite is true. If I compare Eau Istanbul to a cloth, it is a colorful ornate drape made from a thick fabric. You expect it to be hanging heavily and catching a dust, but instead it soars like a transparent veil! Even the softest breeze lifts it like a cobweb and makes it shine. A magic! I can inhale deeply and yet I find no trace of anything bothering. On its way to the lungs the fragrant air caresses my nose instead. The scent is feminine, kind and discreetly heady. I can see Eau Istanbul as a cousin of the opulent florals like J’Adore, but their more or less heavier qualities are replaced by a powdery lightness here.

So we have got an original female floral with a plot twist and a top quality here. And it’s just a time for the second surprising property of Eau Istanbul now – versatility. I can see it on a young girl and yet it would adorn an elderly lady too. It’s sufficiently restrained to wear in office and satisfyingly opulent for a ball. Impeccable.



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