• • Monthly perfume overview: January 2016 (ENG)

Dear friends outside of Czecho-Slovakia, we are aware of you. We know there’s a lot of you who know us, provide us with samples and cooperate with us. So here we come with a small gift for you: at the end of a each month you could read the monthly review containing the resumé of articles in English. We hope you enjoy it!

Just look for the #IN ENGLISH hashtag.

Faithfully Yours

Frangipani authors

  • RUBINI: Fundamental. A review is HERE. Brand new brand, brand new perfume, an interesting idea – the sweet and salty mixed with subtle composition of fruits, woods, spicy and shreds of coconut. Unusual impression partly reminding me of Mitsouko and Womanity (for a moment), extreme sillage and good longevity. Last but not least – perfume blogger Ermano Picco cooperated in making the perfume. (Derad)rubini fundamental mini
  • CAMPOS DE IBIZA: Mandarina. A review HERE. Simple, simple, simple scent of a real mandarine. Opens with a rare and sharp mandarina peel; second phasis is about entire mandarina tree with white flowers, fruits and leafs. The end comes quite early and shows a casual scent of natural perfume. There are common natural ingredients named in the article. And as a bonus you can read here about MILESTONES OF NICHE PREFUMERY as well. (Romana)campos de ibiza mandarina mini
  • OLIBERE: the brand overview HERE. New Italian brand, related with the world of film. Both promofilms and perfumes are average: neither bad, nor excellent, nothing new. Best perfumers should not accept every job… (Mirka)Olibere6
  • MILLER HARRIS:  Tangerine Vert. A review HERE. Another disappointment in my search for a mandarine pinnacle. Green lime cologne with excellent dry chypre-esque musk. But the fragrance is so timid, noone will notice it anyway. Not even the wearer. (Romana) miller harris tangerine vert frangipani.cz
  • 1907: the brand overview HERE Mirka reviewed seven scents created by a young Slovakian brand 1907. Almond is made of salty almond and moss and through the walnut turns to seawatter. Original and suprising. Ambrette smells like a bouquet of spring flowers surrounded by translucent musk mist. In Galbanum there are tuberose & ylang-ylang fighting with galbanum for the Old continent. The winner is a high society madame, all ready for the grand ball. Heliotrope isn’t about heliotrope; rose, peach and clove may sound boring, but the vetiver and choco-patchouli surely change it all into an interesting blend. A brightness of white flowers in Jasmine being gently kissed by a cream and white almonds. Soliflore Vanilla presents an incarnation of our dreams of the old carefree days at basic school. Every man can accentuate their elegance by a sharp and straightforward Pepper. (Mirka) 1907flakony
  • TOM FORD Noir Extreme a ALAIA Alaia reviews HERE. Two reasons to visit the mainstream perfume store. TF Noir Extreme, which extremeness can be found only in the name oscilates in our noses‘ comfort-zone; sweet, warm dessert with a touch of tobacco and wood, tame and kind.
    A city boy left his office in the skyscraper, wore a black motorcycle-overall made of fine leather, saddled his BMW bike and drove to the sea; and his trip ends up in the bottle of. (Mirka)Ford_Alaia2


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