• • Monthly perfume overview: February 2016 (ENG)

  • DAVID YURMAN: David Yurman Limited Edition edp (oud log & rose petal) – Mirka’s blind purchase filled her with rapture at first, only to get overpowered by it. She concludes that rose petals are a weak BandAid for an injury inflicted by the oud log. Arcticle HERE.
David Yurman

David Yurman

  • PERFUME TOURIST GUIDE – Romana’s tour across the Czechlands and Europe in pictures. You’ll visit United Kingdom, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Belgium, France, Germany and Gibraltar together with her and her fragrance wardrobe. HERE
  • KENJI TANAKA: Yukata Sport / Yukata (peculiarities of the Japanese national scent) – Romana contemplates the Japanese soul and the pure fresia in Yukata Sport frag. It’s all Satsuki’s fault. HERE

kenji tanaka yukata sport (1)

  • WOO HOO! FRANGIPANI.CZ IS AN OFFICIAL MEDIA FRIEND OF ESXENCE MILANO 2016! – Yup. It’s official. Romana shows us a list of brands she can’t wait to examine at the exhibition and summarizes the past years of Esxence. Newly she plans on closer look onto the cosmetics & beauty (Esxkin), aside of the fragrances. See you in Milan!



  • MIRKA: Avec le Coeur de Grasse (dead cat) – don’t trust the remark in brackets, the fragrance Mirka personally concocted in Grasse is a quite neat and well done oldschool floral–chypre. Romana’s review of it must be a tad biased by her envy.. :D HERE

mirka perfume2

  • DUERR’S L‘EAU DE MARMALADE: Fetishes in perfumery – Romana‘s sophisticated entry will reveal why Eau de Beurre („Eau de Butter“) is also needed. HERE


  • TRIQUETRA: Anymus – Italian perfumes are best! Ask Romana why and get to know the new Sicilian brand Triquetra. The rest of Frangipani.cz concurs! HERE


  • SCENTED HISTORY No.7: The „Scent of Love“ molecule – a very interesting essay on chemical compounds in the fragrance industry (source Sigma-Aldrich portfolio). We all smell them daily, but only few know them by the name. Romana is the boss! HERE

Zdroj: Sigma-Aldrich instagram

  • ANGELA LAGANA: From Italy with love – an overview of the geographically themed fragrance-line Made With Love from the young Italian perfumer Angela Lagana with regard to the fragrance marketing. HERE

angela lagana mini




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