• • Monthly perfume overview: March 2016 (ENG)

We spent our fragrant March making preparations for Esxence 2016. We became the proud media partner of the largest European niche perfume exhibition in Milan. So the Frangi-ladies searched their shelves and handbags and Radovan tried some masculine from Malle. The perfume of month was definitely Russian Tea from Masque Milano, a review can be found below. And Derad decided to change his blog nickname to his real one – Radovan.

  • NICOLAÏ: Kiss Me Intense (Vanilla macaron) – Romana is reviewing the renowned French parfumeur’s gourmand piece. Aside of the delicious almond macarons you find interesting facts about heliotrope there, too.


  • MASQUE: Russian Tea (Drinking tea from leather boots) – Masque is a young Italian brand with elaborate promo; here can read a review of the amazing smoky black tea concotion. HERE

masque milano_russian tea_frangipani.cz (3)

  • FREDERIC MALLE: Geranium pour Monsieur – Derad passes a judgement on Dominique Ropion’s powdery masterpiece. Stone dust and dirt interlinks with geranium into true gentleman’s scent. HERE


  • MIRKA’S PERFUME COLLECTION: Part 6 – look closely into Mirka’s scented realm; both Romana and Derad are amazed how precisely she keeps her miniatures, decants and samples sorted and stored. Every perfumista is going to sigh. HERE




GUERLAIN: AA Rosa Pop (Leave it at the airport) – Romana finds the new Guerlain’s Aqua Allegoria to be generic and uninventive, on the other hand she commends the perfume’s sillage & longevity. HERE

guerlain rosa pop aqua allegoria review on blog frangipani.cz

  • MIRKA’S PERFUME COLLECTION: Part 7 – this time we focus on full bottles here, unleash the envy! HERE

Laura Mercier Nuits Enchantées

  • MY PURSES & PERFUMES – find out that Romana means business, when it comes to handbags. Learn the things you didn’t know and become an expert. With pictures HERE.

cartier le must (2)



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