Monthly perfume overview: July (ENG.)

LA MANUFACTURE: When it’s just too hot outside to wear perfume, wear cologne instead. La Manufacture eaux de cologne proved to be perfectly suitable for such a weather. We recommend to try these flawlessly crafted juices!

PERFUME GOSSIP: Mirka have collected the most interesting hearsay and reveals it here at Frangipani. From L’Oreal’s acquisition of Atelie Cologne to the nanotechnology in perfumes, you name it.

IS IT SUPERFICIAL TO JUDGE A MAN ACCORDING TO THE COLOGNE HE WEARS? You no doubt have an opinion of your own, but Romana decisively ditched the title question only to reveal the best men are available by stealing them from another woman. Such a guys are ready made, so there’s no need for pre-assessment, ya‘ know.

Romana’s FRAGRANT HAUL FROM FRANCE does not only contain perfumes and cosmetics, but surprisingly there are yougurts, too. Their merit is the cups they’re being sold in. See it yourself.

TOKYO MILK: LET THEM EAT CAKE: a first review in Russian! Authored by Cosmotheca from Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation.

ORTO PARISI: Through the repulsion to the beauty. This brand’s promo is indeed unconventional. Romana disapproves.

PEDICURE FOR THE LAZYBONES: No, no primitive simplification of the usual way to tend your feet, in fact this is quite new, better and less laborious method. It will be expanded on in the next article on the topic, for a start forget the obsolete foot files and embrace the pumice stone. Here’s why.

THE GREAT VIOLET PARADE No.19: ALEXANDRE J. – Iris Violet. Mirka reviews this sweet piece of violet and finds it so syrupy she dedicates it to 13 y.o. girls. Lol.

PEDICURE FOR THE LAZYBONES II: As promised, here you find the complete manual with pictures. Learn how to use a chemistry to your advantage and have a painless pedicure that leaves your feet undamaged and tender.

KOREA COSMETICS: Do you want to know why Mirka got expelled from the sauna in Korea? The clash of the cultures! And cosmetics!

THE GREAT VIOLET PARADE No. 20: FERRAGAMO – Viola Essenziale. Which apparently is not a violet at all. Actually it’s an iris soliflore. romana’s review.

CAMPOS DE IBIZA: The six scents to take with you when on vacation. Simple doesn’t have to be ordinary. Make your choice

PEDICURE FOR THE LAZYBONES III: Further elaboration of the pedicure education. Learn to make your feet pretty for five weeks without using the nail polish. With pictures.



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