Who we are:  a crew of three perfumelovers from the Czech and Slovak Republic, addicted to niche, art and independent perfumery & the things around…

Cooperation: This is a non-profit blog, which is being funded personally by us, in a private capacity. Here we only occupy ourselves with subjects we find interesting. Go ahead – let us hear from you! Contact: romana ((@)) frangipani.cz. Our presentation download here: PRESENTATION Frangipani.

Romana, perfume traveller & snob, founder of the blog, likes the news and exciting world of perfumery marketing. What makes me happy: liquid iris, „topsy turvy“ perfume, cats, fresh smell of new luxury leather bag and peoplepeoplepeople. Contact: romana ((@)) frangipani.cz

pierre guilaume romana granatova

Radovan (Derad), gentle soul & dreamer, lover of arabic pefumery and rare ingredients. What makes me happy: animals, morning in the woods, nice cup of coffee. Contact: radovan ((@)) frangipani.cz


Mirka, adventurer and inquisitive scoutloves rare fragrant liquors and perfume secrets. What makes me happy: hights, rocks and caves, new perfumes, imaginative music and paintings. Contact: mirka ((@)) frangipani.cz



Awards and partners: Since the 2015 our blog is included in a web archive Czech National Library as the first and only one life-style blog.

We are proud media partner of the worlds first exhibion of niche and art perfumery Esxence 2016, 2017 and 2018.


Every year since 2013 we are nominated to „Blogger of the Year“ in the Czech republic.




Nebuďte sprostí, lidi.

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